Tom Ford Kief


Tom Ford Kief

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Tom Ford is a designer strain. It’s exclusivity and rarity is reflected in it’s premium price tag. But those willing to indulge a little will be rewarded with one of the most potent, euphoric, and couch locking highs. With regular THC levels in the 29-38% range, this high end strain is not for the novice smoker. It carries a much heavier high than other premium indicas. Once under it’s spell, your body will feel fully relaxed while your mind drifts off into the furthest reaches of space. As you come down from the bliss, you will likely have the best sleep of your life. An almost comatose state of undisturbed slumber.

Weight 454 g

2 Grams, 8 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams


THC: High CBD: Low

Relaxed Euphoric Aroused Happy Hungry
Sweet Flowery Earthy
Stress Depression Inflammation Pain Lack of Appetite

5 reviews for Tom Ford Kief

  1. Sean o (verified owner)

    Amazing and you get proper amounts too ! Very tasty and a nice add on when smoking a bowl . I’m just thoroughly impressed with the folks at green ace

  2. Kasi Dhimal (verified owner)

    The one I received doesn’t seem like this and Isn’t potent as described that it contains 38%THC.

  3. Isak (verified owner)

    Another batch seems great. This helps out when added little on the joint. Mmmmm I am supper caked. Thanks for the item. Buy it you won’t be disappointed.

  4. ultimadm (verified owner)

    Add a little turbo to any bowl or joint

  5. Joe McHendry (verified owner)

    First timer.
    Not what it looks like in the picture, (Light Brown Powder) is that normal?

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