The Green Samurai Sampler


The Green Samurai Sampler

(9 customer reviews)

$250.00 $165.99

Flower | Shatter | Edibles

28g The Green Ace Staff Pick Of AAA – AAA+ FLowers

1g The Green Samurai Shatter

1 Medicated Edibles Candy

In Every Pack Will Be A Different Yum Strain!

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The Green Samurai Sampler is a special mix of 28 grams of AAA-AAA + Flowers specially handpicked by Green Ace Staff. Each package comes with 1 gram of the Green Samurai Shatter and 1 Medicated Edibles Candy. There will be a different yum strain for every package sold.

This is a very high-quality product guaranteed to make your day. It is a perfect mix for social gatherings like a house or birthday party. It induces indica and Sativa effects without weighing you down or making you lazy. It opens up your senses and helps to pique your curiosity, sharpening your senses. You can hear and see everything in a slow, relaxed manner.

It is suitable for sleep disorders, general body pain and anxiety as well as an aphrodisiac for sexual activities. This strain has no side effects asides from the usual side-eyes and cottonmouth. It is, however, best to consume in small doses.




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Happiness Stress Dry Eyes
Talkative Depression Dry Mouth
Relaxation Fatigue Headache
Uplifted Pain Paranoia
Euphoria Nausea Dizziness

9 reviews for The Green Samurai Sampler

  1. Samantha Sky (verified owner)

    I think Forrest’s mom said it best “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Thank you TGA was very pleased with the green samurai sampler. For the person who loves a little mystery. Worth every penny!

  2. compsoni (verified owner)

    You couldn’t ask for anything better ! Never been disappointed !

  3. Scott William Davis (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my first order , bud was okay and gummies did melt but still tasty and did the job.
    With that said my original purchase was 150 and now I see a 65% increase and then they offer a discount that is still 25% above my first purchase :s ouch

  4. rainbranch (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my purchases. A different strain each time and every time I have been impressed. I recommended this to a few people in my small community and am disappointed with the sharp price increase that happened overnight…hence the lower rating. Would have been 5 star for sure but I can’t get over that price increase. Still an ok deal but not the deal it was.

  5. Rick Morganfree

    A nice golden amber color for most of the shatters, all intact (no crumbles) probably due to their fancy case they use.

    A strong high with interesting taste, will last a long time judging how slow it smokes

  6. compsoni (verified owner)

    Well you couldn’t ask for anything better at one point but now with the price increase , it’s not the deal it was at all …

  7. Becky Neil (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this sampler pack

  8. Richardo Harvey (verified owner)

    This was amazing….loved it.
    Relaxing, Aware, yet a Banger

  9. Gorge Cheeroh (verified owner)

    Wow what a great surprise for this combo!!! Definitely will be my top pick when I shop again. 5* on this one.

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