(AAA) – Pink Bubba Strain

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Pink Bubba Weed Description

Created by combining the genetics of the classic Bubba Kush and Pink Kush strains, Pink Bubba is a blissfully pure Indica hybrid strain.  Bright orange hairs stand proudly on popcorn-shaped minty green nugs. Plus, you will find its signature pink undertones throughout. An absolute must-try for fans of Indica, you’ll feel your mind gently push away any stressful thoughts shortly after your last toke.


  • Hybrid: 80% Indica/20% Sativa
  • 18% – 23% THC level


Feel your body melt into Pink Bubba’s blissful high which pairs perfectly with some chill music and your comfiest couch. Time will slow down as you settle into the psychedelic haze. Pink Bubba is an excellent choice when all you really want to do is just kick back, chill out, and let your worries slip away. As the first hour trails by, you’ll feel complete relaxation throughout your body as any muscular tension you may be holding onto quietly unties itself.

Feel free to share this flower with friends and enjoy the free-flowing and easy-going conversations that follow.


As you pull away the sticky little nuggets, a pungent earthy scent is released along with sweet florals. The flavor continues this profile with its lovely woodsy taste and accents of spicy florals and rich pine.

Medical Uses

There is no mind-race with Pink Bubba, so it is an ideal choice for anyone who suffers from bouts of panic or paranoia. It’s anti-inflammatory characteristics can relieve minor irritants like nausea and muscle pain.

Other medical uses include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress



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