Pineapple Express By TGA Farms


Pineapple Express By TGA Farms

Rated 4.71 out of 5 based on 7 customer ratings
(7 customer reviews)


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3.5 GRAMS $35
7 GRAMS $60
14 GRAMS $110
28 GRAMS $175
3.5 Grams3.5 Grams
7 Grams7 Grams
14 Grams14 Grams
28 Grams28 Grams

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Pineapple Express combines the potent and flavorful forces of parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. The smell is likened to fresh apple and mango, with a taste of pineapple, pine, and cedar. This hard-hitting sativa-dominant hybrid provides a long-lasting energetic buzz perfect for productive afternoons and creative escapes.

Weight 1632 g

1 Gram, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams


Hybrid - 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
THC: High CBD: Low

Energizing, Euphoria, Focus
Citrus, Pine, Pineapple, Sweet and Tropical
Chronic Pain, Depression, fatigue, Loss Of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea and Nightmares

7 reviews for Pineapple Express By TGA Farms

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tiffany Munro (verified owner)

    Diesel and fruity flavor full of complexity and a warm “Christmas cake” flavor (in my opinion) that lasts forever. Huge buds, sticky and magnificent. Tastes great through the whole bowl. Great uplifting, energizing, hungry high, really worked to get a bit of writing done and some other work. Definite AAAA quality.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    M c. (verified owner)

    Video Review

    I picked this up from a new place simply because of Black Friday… AND this is the Pineapple Express from the movies 😛 The bud was hard as a rock, but despite it being really really dense, it was very airy. Weighing it on the scale was ~2g, could have easily been 4g as I’ve seen from other MoMs. The smell tho, thats where your money goes. Smells sweet like candy and really really pineapple-y. It’s like you opened a can of pineapples and you get that first wiff. I’ve never had tropical bud but I didn’t know it could do things like this. In the vape was just like how it smelt, really sweet, pineapple, and a tad bit citrus. Was like you were drinking the pineapple juice, really strong and made me sad when I was done vaping. Burning obviously you dont get as much of the taste but was reallllll smooth, and super light on the lungs. You get a hint of pineapple on your tongue when exhaling. No coughing, no itchy throat. The effects kicked in real fast, within the first 30 seconds and continue to creep up. The question … is it worth 30$+ for a HQ? Well this is def. AAAA bud, no doubt about it, and comparing it to OCS of that price, it’s a clear winner. But hands down I’ve never tasted such a tropical taste before. This is the stuff that OCS should be charging for 56$ a HQ as it really knocks it out of the water. Highly recommend even just to have around and to WOW guests 😀

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ronald Sandoval (verified owner)

    I got Pineapple Express as part of a 1oz mix and match. My 7 grams came in theee big nugs! The smell is sweet, fruity, you get a bit of pineapple. Smokes a bit harsh (I find most Pineapple strains do), white ash, great long lasting high. No crash at the end, great for the morning. Will definitely buy again AAAA

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Manny (verified owner)

    Got this as part of my first order here. It was excellent with a very good high and great taste. I got one big beautiful bud which was really appreciated. I found that the more it dried out the more potent it got. Will surely order again. 5/5

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Keagan Matheson (verified owner)

    Pineapple Express has a lot been one of my favorite strains, and there Particular kind is hands down one of the best kinds of weed I’ve smoke in a long time, suck a nice smell and covered in crystal.
    Very strong high and actually made a few of my friends black out for 10-20 mins!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    This stuff is amazing. The taste, the smell. Oh, and the smell and the taste? Nothing I’ve had just retains this level of fruitiness and richness through the full session. Bud quality is good but not the best, but with pineapple express it’s all about the terpenes here. For the price this is unbeatable.

  7. Rated 3 out of 5

    adesmarchaisneale (verified owner)

    First off, great MOM site from the price to the shipping was smooth and fast. This is a strain I look for and am well versed in and I can say with certainty this isn’t the strain I received huge couch lock and strong head buzz. Tested with a few friends and was the same high. Don’t get me wrong what I got was still grade AAAA and extremely tasty but definitely not a sativa dominant. Nonetheless I will be trying another strain in the future.

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