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    • Tucann


      Find your own place of paradise with a Tucann vape pen filled with 500mg of rich THC distillate. Savour the essence of real fruit terpenes with organically grown Canadian cannabis. This disposable pen also comes with a charger under the front light.

    • Vape Pen Batteries


      The Jupiter Vape Pen is simplicity and dependability at its best. This small pen is draw activated meaning all you do is inhale through your cartridge of choice, which means no accidental button activation in your pocket or bag. These pens are compatible with most 510 thread cartridges and come with a USB to thread charger. Best of all, these devices are made by Jupiter, a trusted vaping brand, so you know you are purchasing quality. With this easy to use, all-in-one, mechanism your Butler ensures this little pen will give you an untroubled and simple vape session.


      • Rechargeable 340mAh Li-ion battery
      • Draw activated (buttonless)
      • USB to thread charger included
      • Designed for oil cartridges
    • White Death

      $75.00 $65.00

      A legend on the West Coast as a seriously heavy indica, White Death will likely leave you glued to whatever you were sitng on when you sparked it up. Said to have Death Bubba genetcs, White Death is not a strain for novice users due to its high THC content and its ability to relax you almost to sleep. Mainly…


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