CBD for Animals – Facts and Myths

CBD for Animals – Facts and Myths With legalization comes new information every day about cannabis. One area that hasn’t been looked at enough, is how animals and more specifically our pets can benefit from cannabis.  Thousands of pet owners have to make the difficult choice to treat their pets’ pain with either pharmaceuticals, or homeopathic (natural) remedies. However, new…

Who Could Benefit from Medical Marijuana?

Having health issues can drastically hinder your physical capabilities, making it hard to live life normally. Luckily, medical marijuana can treat a number of conditions. Can it really improve your life? Find out here as we address who can benefit from medical marijuana and how. Conditions and Candidates for MMJ Treatments Knowing you’re a candidate puts you one step closer…

Tips For Choosing The Best Marijuana Type For You

With the legalization of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use sweeping the United States, the amount of people looking into using cannabis to alleviate stress and medical ailments has skyrocketed. Unfortunately, many new smokers are neither familiar with which strains of Mary Jane are best for certain brains. Most budtenders at your local dispensary can explain in detail what each…


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